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Directions & Map for :
  Mt. Umumhum, Tomita Hill,
  Mt. Thayer, McQueen Ridge
To Site From Hwy 880 take Hwy 85 South to Almaden Expressway ( South)
From Hwy 101 take Hwy 85 North to Almaden Expressway ( South)
South on Almaden Expressway ( 4.1 miles) to Almaden Road ( right turn). Continue on Almaden Rd. (4.5 miles) through the small town of New Almaden and past Almaden reservoir, nearing the end of the reservoir turn right on a paved two lane road. This is Hicks Road but is not marked. 1.7 miles up Hicks to the top of the hill take the first paved road left. This is the Mt. Umunhum Rd. Up the hill 1.8 miles up the road there will be a brown locked gate. There is a master lock on the right gate. Lock this gate after you go through. Continue on the pavement up the road 2.3 miles to a yellow gate. There is a master lock on the right gate. Lock this gate after you go through.

If you are going to McQueen Ridge, 100 feet past the yellow gate there is a gravel road to the right with a red gate. Go up the hill and at the top you will see a fenced area with several buildings. This is the main site. ( National Weather Service has the large weather radar ball at the top of the hill).

If you are going to Tomita Hill or Mt Thayer continue on the paved road (.8 miles) to the base gate for the old Almaden Air Force Station. There is a master lock on the chain at the gate. Lock this gate after you go through. Follow the main road through the base, behind the old motor pool you will come to three roads, take the center paved road, that goes straight up hill to the site. The first building on the right is Tomita Hill. Continuing on the ridge there are several other containers. The last container on the left is New Thayer.

WARNING:  The base area is closed and off limits. This area is patrolled by County Sheriff and Open Space Rangers. If you are found on the base (exception of the road to the site) you can be sited and prosecuted.
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