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Campbell,CA 95008
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Directions & Map for :
  Kite Hill, Santa Cruz
Site Phone : (408) 427-1124
From : San Jose take Highway 17 to Santa Cruz
Continue South on Highway 17, past both Scott Valley Exits. Talk a sharp right exit off of 17, at Graham Hill & Sims Rd. After the exit turn left go about 1/4 mile to a stop sign. Continue past the stop, you are now on La Madrona. 3/10 of mile from the stop sign you will come to a house at 1339 La Madrona Rd. Take a right and go around the back of the garage. There is a chain gate. ( no lock). Continue up the dirt / gravel road ( in the winter you will need a 4X4). Once at the top there is a parking area with the building and tower @ 20’ down the hill.
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