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Umunhum   Development   Corporation   established   by  Loren   R.  "Mac" McQueen in January of 1950, provided communications sites and services to the rural area of Santa Clara Valley and the Monterey Bay from the family owned   mountain   top   property   on   Mount   Umunhum   near   Almaden, California. The business grew steadily through the 50's.
The Allison Development Company was established in 1961 to create and manage a  communications facility on a leased site on Mount Allison  near Fremont, California. In 1965, the two companies were combined under the name  Communication and Control, Inc. (CCI). In 1969, CCI purchased the 25-acre lease on Mount Allison, making it unique as the only site on private land on the Mission Ridge.
Communication & Control, Inc. was converted to a S Corporation in 1989 at which time the McQueen family shares ownership of the company. Effective  with the  transfer of the  companies holdings,  CCI is now a female minority  owned company. Scott McQueen (VP Operations) and Randee McQueen (CFO) are actively involved in the operation of Communication & Control, Inc.
The prospects for Communication & Control, Inc.'s growth have never been brighter and  CCI has a reputation  for  personal service  and  commitment.
Communication & Control, Inc.'s family ownership makes possible a stable long-term  relationship  with it's  clients,  unlike  publicly owned  companies that are  subject to  frequent  management  changes  and  financial  market fluctuations.
In addition to CCI's communications site lease operation, the company can provide a  wide range  of services  due to it's business alliances with other companies in the communications industry. Communication & Control, Inc. can offer it's customers a single  point of responsibility  for client's complex communication needs.
Our  clients  find that  our  independence  from  equipment   manufacturers insures the best solutions available, not merely the best solution available from one supplier.
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